Survey of Voters in Puerto Rico & U.S. Diaspora: A Comprehensive Look at Political Landscape and Voter Sentiments

Contact: Emma Hernando 
+1 (786) 493-3119

From March 25 to 30, 2024, IZQ Strategies conducted a comprehensive survey of likely voters registered in Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican likely voters registered in the U.S. (diaspora voters) using SMS responses. The methodology ensured a representative sample of likely voters by age, gender, education, and voting history. The margin of error is ±4 percentage points, and 675 responses were collected. Responses from voters in Puerto Rico were also weighted to represent likely voters by age, gender, education, and partisanship. The margin of error is ±6 percentage points, and 362 responses were collected. All respondents were given the option to take the survey in Spanish, English, or a combination of both, ensuring inclusivity and accuracy of the findings.

Key Findings 

On the U.S. presidential election, we found that Democrat Joe Biden holds a lead of 11 percentage points over Donald Trump among the Puerto Rican diaspora and a 24 percentage points lead amongst Puerto Rican voters on the island. At the same time, support for former president Trump amongst Puerto Rican voters on and off the island was notably low with less than 20% of voters on the island saying they would vote for him. 

On the issues, voters continue to show their support for Democratic-leaning policies. Our numbers show that voters overall are 39% more likely to vote for a candidate that explicitly endorses and mentions their commitment to self-determination and the decolonization of Puerto Rico, a 14% point increase. The increase in likelihood to vote was even more stark amongst young people, ages 18 to 34 where 49% said they would be more likely to vote, a 28% point increase.