Fondo La Brega Y Fuerza Anuncia Lanzamiento; Publica Encuesta Innovadora De Votantes Puertorriqueñes

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La Brega Y Fuerza is a national organization aiming to build Puerto Rican voter participation and civic engagement to expand our multiracial democracy. Their poll surveyed Puerto Rican voters living on the island and in key battleground states. 

WASHINGTON DC – Today, La Brega y Fuerza Fund announced their organization launch ahead of 2024 with a groundbreaking new poll of Puerto Rican voters. 

La Brega y Fuerza Fund is an organization created to expand our multiracial democracy through building Puerto Rican voter participation and civic engagement in diaspora communities and on the island. While most Puerto Ricans are likely voters, state-specific diasporic communities have not been systematically engaged, La Brega Y Fuerza aims to fill that gap through base building and organizing. 

Their latest poll surveyed registered voters in Puerto Rico and from the diaspora, living in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania. Voters weighed in on some of this year’s top issues including abortion, the war in the Middle East, Medicare for All, and economic issues like minimum wage, taxing millionaires, and Puerto Rico’s remaining debt. 

The poll was conducted by IZQ Strategies and commissioned by La Brega y Fuerza. The methodology ensured a representative sample of likely voters by age, gender, education, and voting history. Read our key findings below: 

Key Findings: 

Puerto Rican voters support progressive policies. Both groups support a minimum wage of $15 an hour, Medicare for All, and taxing millionaires at a similar rate to the U.S. to help pay Puerto Rico’s remaining debt, among other issues. 

Puerto Rican voters support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. 52% of diaspora voters and 45% of Puerto Rican voters support a permanent ceasefire and de-escalation of violence in Gaza.

Support for abortion rights has grown among Puerto Rican voters. While voters in the diaspora expressed stronger levels of support than voters in Puerto Rico, when compared to previous surveys, support for abortion access in Puerto Rico has grown. 

While historically, Puerto Rican voters have been ignored by presidential candidates and political operatives, findings from this poll show that Puerto Rican voters and the diaspora are a favorable voting bloc for Democrats that should not be ignored. 

“I’m proud to support La Brega Y Fuerza Fund to empower and mobilize the Puerto Rican electorate, which has been overlooked, despite their tremendous potential to shape our multiracial democracy. Puerto Rican voters are an active and opinionated base that supports raising the minimum wage, protecting abortion rights and taxing millionaires. We’re ready to make their voices heard,” said Michael Kink, Esq, Executive Director 

Strong Economy For All Coalition 

“IZQ Strategies is excited to partner with La Brega y Fuerza Fund to uplift the voices of Puerto Rican voters on and off the island. Through our polling, we aim to identify the issues that matter most to Puerto Rican voters in order to inform strategic initiatives and, ultimately, policy change that aligns with their demands,” said Gustavo Sanchez, Principal of IZQ Strategies. 

“La Brega Y Fuerza Fund plans to provide critical voter engagement of Puerto Ricans during one of the most important elections in recent history. I’m proud to contribute to their mission to mobilize, invest in and uplift Puerto Rican voters on the island and in the diaspora. Our community should not be overlooked or ignored,” said Colin Rogero, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Conexion 

“I’m excited to support the important work that La Brega Y Fuerza Fund is doing to mobilize Puerto Rican voters and uplift the issues that matter most to them. The Puerto Rican community stands strong in their political beliefs and cultural values. It is essential that we harness their potential as a force of change,” said Prisca Salazar Rodriguez, Partner at Bolton-St. Johns and Co-founder, Evolution Strategies