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Our Story

Over the past decade, Puerto Rico has faced an onslaught of climate and man-made financial disasters, from Hurricane Maria to COVID-19, accelerating a trend of population decline. La Isla lost over half a million residents between 2010 and 2020. Now, more Puerto Ricans live off the island than on the island.

Puerto Rico citizens waving flags

The consequence of this shift in demographics and civic participation is newly displaced residents in places across the country who still call Puerto Rico home but cannot return due to economic hardship and environmental concerns. La Brega y Fuerza believes that these individuals and families are the key to achieving economic and social justice in Puerto Rico. Given the growing populations of off-island Puerto Ricans, we want to create a greater awareness of the issues most important to Puerto Ricans across the United States. Our bottom line is to create a robust pipeline of activists to engage on issues of importance to Puerto Rico, targeting states that have a large diaspora population and bringing that power back to the island. The ultimate goal is to connect these communities back to the island they are from.

Puerto Rico march